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An exclusive journey

Visiting the Exclusive boutique ‘La Maison Du Parfum’ is an olfactory journey through the mysterious and sensual land of perfumes. Here you can find a selection of divine scents. We will guide you through the wonderful world of scents to find the perfume that will match your personality.

This means that customers are always invited and encouraged to take samples home to experience the difference between scents and see if the product really suits them. At La Maison Du Parfum, the long term counts.

Creating a unique bond and showing what exists in the world of perfumes gives us great pleasure and we love seeing our customers satisfied with their purchase.

Official retailer of world's best scents.

Established in 2002, La Maison Du Parfum has been representing niche fragrances and haute perfumery ever since. Here you will find the most classic smells combined with the latest innovations in the land of scents. The perfumes featured in the shop have been carefully selected and they only exist of completely independent luxury brands.

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