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Caput Mundi

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"The new moon reveals itself to us as a shining black circle suspended, wonderous and perfect, in the vault of the heavens. Since ancient times she is said to possess magical powers and have a major influence on the earth, bringer of good fortune and joy to the men who turn to her. Indeed, for centuries, especially during the glorious era of the Roman Empire, the New Moon has always been considered a symbol of good luck and future prosperity. Like every new beginning, this time interval, marked by the phases of the moon, also brought with it the hope of being able to fulfill one's desires. Under a Black Moon, cushioned by the charm of history and the glories of the Roman Empire, the children Paolo and Tiziana, together with their beloved family and dear grandparents Guglielmo and Luigia, embark on an adventurous journey into the fabulous capital of Italy. Rome has been known as Caput Mundi or capital of the world, since its very foundation" - Tiziana Terenzi