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Kaff by Tiziana Terenzi is a Floral Woody Musk fragrance for women and men.

Top notes are white iris, bergamot, pink pepper, juniper and ginger; middle notes are iris, orris root, magnolia, ambergris and leather; base notes are cedar, vetiver, sandalwood and tonka bean.

"A trip along the tightrope, in hot pursuit of the emotional vertigo unleashed by the hypnotic opulence of White Iris, lashed sharply by the fresh citrus notes of bergamot, but immediately contrasted by the bold, concerted action of pink Pepper and ginger. An unprecedented balance of essences generate this explosion of top notes that almost confuses us at first, as if it were a powerful drug, then carries us off in an amazing vortex. It settles gently, as soon as we feel like fainting, on notes of magnolia and Tuscan leather, all mellowed by the gentile caress bestowed by the bouquet of Iris Blu, Orris and rare, ultra-precious, grey amber.This unstoppable vertigo, just as powerful as it is lightweight, establishes its mysterious, aromatic base notes on solid cedar and fine sandal woods, enhanced by the unmistakeable character of the tonka bean. The star captured in this creation is as mysterious as it is charming. It only reveals itself to the lucky few capable of fully understanding the wonder of the most exclusive art of scent-making. And so only to true perfume connaisseurs." - a note from the brand.