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Les Jeux sont Faits

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An ode to the French film icons of the 60s.

A time when ruffians were considered as ideal son-in-laws.

Some films reflect the complete generation, their dialogues and scenes are mysterious and the faces of the actors are etched in the mind for eternity. They have become the basis for exciting conversations and even influence many people’s lives...

With his refined perfume François Hénin honors the icons of cinema, characters who marked an era and whose glory still shines today.

François says: "This is a perfume that my father, or other men of the same generation, would like to have worn. These men survived the war and the occupation. The people were poor, but criminals made their money by prostitution, casinos, races and extortion. To understand the period of time better, I recommend the movie, 'Les Tontons Flingueurs'. The scent is inspired by this era when perfumes for men were mostly unpopular and hardly existed."

"Les jeux sont faits" is reminiscent of the palpable tension around the smoky gambling tables of the casinos with an elegant croupier holding sway. It is a very masculine scent of a time when men were real men, surrounded by the smell of smoke, alcohol, etc.

The fragrance preludes with bitter flowers soaked in English gin and angelica roots that create a warmth, like a roll of film that becomes warm in a projection room. The ensemble, based on sweet dried fruit is reminiscent of old Cuban rum. The heart is highly masculine, combined with notes of brown tobacco that calls to mind the smoky gaming halls of the era. Spicy flowers, dominated by cumin, evoke the thrilling atmosphere of a boxing match.

Sandalwood calls to mind the woodwork in mysterious, dimly lit clubs where the air always smelt animalistic (rockrose). The composition is rounded off with the familiar scent of an old, worn armchair (notes of leather, vanilla and patchouly).

Eau de Parfum.