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Rouge Assassin

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"I present a tantalizing hint of lipstick, skin and flowers that will pleasantly excite men and bring women to despair - but always in their best interest." Francois Henin.

Inspiration for the perfume is two different types of women in Paris during the “roaring twenties”.

"La Maitresse de ces messieurs," or the mistress of elegant gentlemen - as chic as Jovoy’s first customers and "Garçonne", which stood for the emancipated woman whose appearance was often androgynous. At that time a revolution in women's fashion began: They started to show their legs and replaced the once-thick stockings with silk stockings that were held up by garters above the knee. Shortly after the uncomfortable corset was replaced by the bra and the first modern lipsticks appeared that give off a characteristic odor.

Whereas the "Garçonne" look is more masculine, the maitresse embodies a type of woman who, by her hairstyle, makeup and clothes, hungers for freedom and expresses the insatiable desire to love someone regardless of social laws.

Rouge Assassin is a tribute to the fearless, unstoppable woman, who abandoned her once established regime and broke all the rules.

With Rouge Assassin, perfumer Amélie Bourgeois has created a successful homage to this era of new femininity. She has combined lipstick notes of iris with a skin fragrance of rice bran, musk, powdery and floral notes. When we smell the perfume, images of a Belle Époque Parisian cabaret drift before the mind’s eye.

Eau de Parfum.