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Sahara Blue

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Citrus - Spicy

SAHARA BLUE tells the charm of the ancient lords of the desert: the only inhabitants of the Sahara’s innermost region, one million kilometers long of sand and rocks. Here, in the silence of the night, a Tuareg walks in the moonlight after horseback riding away from his village. As he halts behind a dune, where landmarks seem to vanish, the Tuareg unties his tagelmust –the long blue veil that covers his head and face– and looks up at the sky, questioning the stars about his destiny. He is torn by a choice he needs to make: either pursuing his nomadic life or chasing a love that will force him to renounce his roots. The voice of the wind utters the answer: freedom is, and always has been, the one and only companion every Tuareg wants by his side.

Lemon, Fresh Ginger, Pink Pepper, Granny Smith apple
Coriander, Lavender, Sambac Jasmine
Musk, Oak Moss, Algae, Amber