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Fragrances to Enjoy your Summer With

Fragrances to Enjoy your Summer With

With the summer season, what better way to transition your scent wardrobe than with a seasonal fragrance that perfectly pairs with the balmy summer air?
Fresh, fruity and citrus notes can be both uplifting & energising in nature – making them the perfect choice for lifting your mood and complimenting the heat. Much like food and wine pairings, certain fragrances suit certain surroundings and lifestyles more than others. Take your style, for example: The summer season lends itself well to lighter, more breathable fabrics like linen, cotton & silk. Spritzing these lighter fabrics with heavier “evening” or “wintery” scents can seem counter intuitive. Instead, opting for a lighter fragrance will not only match your look but also your change in lifestyle, mood and the varying aromas that the summer season brings us.
We’ve rounded up a collection of our favourite fresh, fruity & citrus fragrances for men, that can be liberally spritzed all day long.
Néroli Sauvage celebrates the 17th century Duchess of Nerola (a small city near Rome), whose castle and gardens were famous for jubilant summer parties. Taking its inspiration from the French word for "wild," this invigorating blend captures the luxuriant atmosphere of the Duchess' gatherings during which guests would crush neroli flowers against their skin to release the bittersweet yet invigorating floral essence. Anchored by the warmth of ambergris and spiked with verbena, Néroli Sauvage is appropriate for men and women who appreciate a crisp citrus fragrance with smooth depth.


A delicious fruit basket from wich emerges an exuberant abundance of variety and flavors. Wild peaches, with their velvety sweetness merge with the tart aroma of granny smith apples and blackcurrants. The result is a bittersweet creaminess that enchants and develops into an irresistible mix on the skin. 

The warm base is full of tenderness and the perfect foundation for these mature fruits. Men and women are equally thrilled with Mancera's " Wild Fruits and appreciate its presence and longevity.
“Elysium - few have the ability to make that dream a reality. Only the heroic and virtuous are destined to achieve the life they desire, so each ingredient within this scent was chosen to emulate this rare strength of character. Legends of perfumery including Vetiver, Ambergris and Leather combine within this elixir of pure valiance - A scent created for a man who needs no help in reaching his Elysium, his paradise.” - Roja Dove.
Nishane’s Ege/Αιγαιο extrait de parfum does more than evoke a memory; its notes are so powerful and carefully curated that the fragrance transports your body to the edge of the Aegean Sea and the ever-moving boundary between the rich terrain and crystal clear water. It does so with fresh notes interjected with enigmatic spices that allude to the flavours and cultures of the Greek and Turkish lands that border this most-enchanting of seas.



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