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New Year, New Scent

New Year, New Scent

  • David La Maison Du Parfum

It's that time again for the new year to begin. What's better than starting the year with a new signature fragrance.

It is of course always a journey to find the perfect scent. Do you stay in your comfort zone and choses the scents you normally go for or is it time for something new?
Discover our extensive range of luxurious fragrances and get personal advice in our store!
To give you a head start, here's a selection of our Unique perfumes.
 let's dive right in!

Blonde Amber by Clive Christian

The first one is Blonde Amber. This beautiful fragrance is a deep and smokey amber perfume with floral flourishes, inspired by this key design material of the era. A warm amber, spiced with aromatic and smokey blonde tobacco tells the story of Art Deco decadence. A riot of flourishing florals and dried fruits join the melee of fine ingredients, creating an indulgent blend.

Blanche Bête by Liquide Imaginaire


Considered as the most wonderful of all mythical beasts, the unicorn is also a symbol of magic and enchantment. It is associated with an overflowing imagination and endowed with miraculous powers. Rare mythical creature considered beneficial in almost all cultures. It is universally beautiful, mysterious and difficult to capture as it is indomitable and free.

BLANCHE BÊTE has its milky candor, but its scent has the animality of white flowers and the wonder power of a white paradise.

Cavort by Fragrance Du Bois

Cavort is an intensely intimate fragrance that evokes the frisson of excitement of a first encounter. A sultry saffron-infused aroma hints at the anticipation of what lies behind that stolen second glance.

Stimulate your senses with a complex blend of spicy cinnamon and soft but potent geranium, as exotic floral mid-notes breeze in, like the soft touch of a hand brushing skin. A dash of davana lends a chameleon-like quality, resulting in an evocative perfume full of intensity and individuality.

Alluring and sophisticated, Cavort is an intriguing fragrance, full of uncharted promise.

For him, For her, For lovers to share…

Number 5 by Rosendo Mateu

Fragrance with a fresh floral top note based on lilly of the Valley, natural spring sensation, combined with spiced notes and safroon quality.

Base notes are amber musk with a fresh oriental style.

Powerful and sensual combination of vanilla, tonka beans and strawberries. 

It is an exotic and different flower that does not exist in nature, like a dream in a fragrance.


Whatever you choose to start your new year, La Maison Du Parfum wishes you a happy new year!



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