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Ormonde Jayne: La Route de La Soie Collection

Ormonde Jayne: La Route de La Soie Collection

  • David La Maison Du Parfum

The La Route de La Soie collection serves as a captivating introduction to the world of niche perfumery. Drawing inspiration from the amalgamation of cultures resulting from global human interaction, it celebrates and explores the flora found along the ancient Silk Road. This historic route traverses Asia, crossing vast deserts and towering mountains before reaching the Occident.

Within this collection, native flowers, herbs, and spice trees, flourishing in diverse landscapes, take center stage, crafting a vibrant array of perfumes. In the spirit of the Silk Road's traders, Ormonde Jayne introduces a fresh palette and gourmand notes, igniting a new form of self-expression for the modern era.

This exquisite collection comprises of 9 unique scents, namely:

  1. Levant  
    Levant is a sheer delight, unapologetically ravishing and exquisite. It features the innocent allure of peony, beloved by flower enthusiasts, alongside the melodious tones of lily, entwined with the fragrant garlands of orange blossom and jasmine. A brilliant, captivating, flirtatious, and thoroughly joyous perfume.
    Levant Ormonde Jayne
    A ravishing blend featuring innocent peony, lily, orange blossom, and jasmine, evoking jubilation and appeal.

  2. Tanger
    Tanger offers a vibrant presentation of neroli, vying to capture your heart. This fragrance pays homage to the harmonious union of perfumed oils, skillfully blended with ylang-ylang and bergamot. Tanger is a sunlit, golden perfume, exuding joy and pure affection.

    A sunlit, golden perfume with vibrant neroli, ylang-ylang, and bergamot, exuding pure joy and affection.

  3. XI'AN
    XI'AN invites you to discover your inner serenity with the hypnotic notes of cedarwood, musk, and Indian sandalwood. This calming and relaxed fragrance invites you to close your eyes, take a deep breath of Xi'an, and focus on your senses. Let the scent gradually permeate your soul, imparting tranquility and peace.
    A soothing and relaxed perfume with hypnotic cedarwood, musk, and Indian sandalwood, invoking serenity and peace.

  4. Damask
    Damask is an abstract creation of damascene rose, radiating charm and elegance. It combines gourmand fruity notes of pear, lemon, blackcurrant, and pink berries, creating a backdrop of distinctive character. Mineral amber and musk reveal profound sophistication, transforming the fragrance into a captivating and extraordinary experience.
    An effervescent blend of damascene rose, pear, lemon, blackcurrant, and pink berries, revealing sophistication and allure.

  5. Babylonia
    Babylonia embodies soft, powdery elegance with hints of iris, bluebells, and violets, reminiscent of sweet candy floss. This perfume harmonizes perfectly and exudes an irresistible sense of romance.

    An enchanting mix of iris, bluebells, violets, and gourmand notes like blackcurrant and vanilla, a romantic and powdery scent.

  6. Indus
    Indus imparts an exquisite scent with drops of blackcurrant bud, sweet amberesque lychee, plum, and Indonesian patchouli, epitomizing finesse and perfection.

    An exquisite combination of Egyptian geranium, blackcurrant buds, lychee, plum, and Indonesian patchouli, defining finesse and perfection.

  7. Byzance
    Byzance weaves intricate labyrinths of intrigue, striking a balance between soft, velvety allure and simmering inner passion.

    An evocative blend of soft leather and gourmand notes, drawing you into its sultry depths, both sophisticated and harmonious.

  8. Muscat
    Muscat envelops you like a second skin, sensuous and captivating, with enticing oudh notes, sweetened with rose, dates, vanilla, and halwa, creating an emotive sillage, mysterious and enchanting.
    A cocooning second-skin fragrance with sensual oudh notes, rose, dates, vanilla, and halwa, leaving a mysterious and enchanting trail.

  9. Xandria
    Xandria is a nostalgic and dusky perfume, suited for the twilight hour and silent, sensual moments of majestic tranquility. Complex and earthy, with notes of apple and rum, Xandria is enriched with wisps of musk and dry amber. This fragrance is a one-way ticket to an imperial Nirvana.

    A dusky and complex perfume with apple, rum, musk, and dry amber, embodying an imperial and nostalgic essence.


Whether you're drawn to the romantic and powdery allure of Babylonia or the serene tranquility of XI'AN, there's a scent in this collection to suit every mood and occasion. Ormonde Jayne has masterfully captured the essence of this historic trade route, allowing us to embark on a sensory adventure through time and place.

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