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Andy Tauer

Tauer Perfumes is a Switzerland-based independent perfume house founded by Andy Tauer in 2005. Andy is a chemist by trade and a 100% self-taught perfumer, initially launching Tauer Perfumes as a one-man operation while continuing his day job part-time. Andy has become well-known to perfumistas around the world because of his perfumes—"fragrant sculptures" featuring high-quality ingredients and innovative structures, as well as for his accessibility. He has maintained an open and friendly dialogue with the perfume community via social media, beginning with his first blog in 2006, and extending to a new collaborative platform,, in 2009. The internet has helped Tauer Perfumes grow to a worldwide cult brand, and Andy Tauer himself is equally well known for his remarkable talent and his support of the artisan and independent perfume community.

Tauer Perfumes are today produced in different collections: Classics, which include the first fragrances that captured the public's attention—Le Maroc Pour Elle (2005), L'Air du Desert Marocain (2005) and Lonestar Memories (2006); Homages, in which the fragrances feature exclusive ingredients and a high concentration of natural oils; PentaChords, which emphasizes a "less is more" philosophy; Collectibles, a low-volume line featuring precious raw materials whose availability fluctuates from year to year; and Tauerville, begun in 2014, which focuses on creativity in fragrance composition. In 2011, Andy also began a collaboration with filmmaker Brian Pera called Tableau de Parfums, in which Andy creates perfume "portraits" inspired by the characters in Pera's film series Woman's Picture.

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