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Intense Red Tobacco: A Captivating Fragrance for Tobacco Enthusiasts

Intense Red Tobacco: A Captivating Fragrance for Tobacco Enthusiasts

  • David La Maison Du Parfum

A New Mancera 2023 Release
Often described as a crowd-pleaser, Intense Red Tobacco is a fragrance powerhouse with a robust and enduring tobacco note

Unveiling the scent
Intense Red Tobacco is a potent and captivating fragrance with a remarkably long-lasting presence. It's characterized as both sensual and enigmatic, making it an ideal choice for evening wear or special occasions.

Introduced in 2023, Red Tobacco is a woody, spicy scent designed for both men and women, created by Mancera. This intense iteration of the original Red Tobacco fragrance leaves a lasting impression in the wake of the wearer.

Perfume Pyramid
The top notes of this captivating elixir include pear, cinnamon, nutmeg, incense, saffron, and oud. The heart notes feature tobacco, jasmine, leather, patchouli, and vetiver. Lastly, base notes of musk, vanilla, guaiac wood, ambergris, and sandalwood come together to craft a sensuous dry-down.

Who Should Indulge in Intense Red Tobacco?
This is undoubtedly a captivating fragrance for everyone; however, it's an exquisite addition to the perfume collection of tobacco enthusiasts. Ideal for special occasions and events, Intense Red Tobacco is undoubtedly a confidence booster.


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